New Seed International




helping people living with HIV/AIDS


New Seed International (NSI) is a community orientated, non-Governmental, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization, based in the capital of the Volta Region, Ho, in Ghana, West Africa. NSI concentrates specifically on providing care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS. Originally, NSI was a rural community and youth development organization, however, after identifying the suffering of people living with HIV/AIDS, NSI's focus shifted to those infected and affected by the virus, with a special attention given to young women and children.

New Seed International's missions:

  • We want to ensure that all people living with HIV/AIDS in the area have access to all the medical care they need to avoid opportunistic infections and prolong their lives.
  • Once their medical needs are satisfied, we want their nutritional needs to be likewise fulfilled. The drugs (especially antiretroviral drugs) will not work if the patient continues to be malnourished.
  • We want to target and reduce the discrimination and stigmatization which those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, and their families, face every day by remolding the attitudes of the community and teaching them to accept and respect all people no matter what their HIV status may be.
  • We want young women and men living with HIV/AIDS to become self-reliant so that they can maintain themselves and their families in improved, sustainable living conditions.
  • We want today's youth to be fully educated and aware of the problem of HIV/AIDS which exists in their community and in the world.

New Seed International

New Seed International plays an active grassroot role within the community. We offer the public an array of services, from giving all individuals the opportunity to go for voluntary HIV testing and providing them with pre and post test counseling, to offering expectant mothers relevant and crucial advice. After diagnosis NSI imparts continuous emotional support to anyone living with HIV/AIDS as well as to their families. We hold public seminars and educational events, sometimes directed especially towards the youth, about sexual health, STIs, the importance of a healthy diet and the evils of discrimination. NSI is unique in this part of Ghana for its hands-on, home-centered, and truly personal method of giving emotional, physical and when needed financial support. You can read more about NSI in this newspaper article from the Ghanaian Chronicle.

New Seed International

NSI was founded in 1996 by Livinus Acquah-Jackson (left) and his family and is legally registered under Ghana Registrars General Department company code Act 176 in the year 1998 under the registration number G7563.